Stop stacks from appearing on top of video 3.0

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    Hope this helps someone.Sorry if confuing it's my first tutorial. This stops stacks from appearing when watching video and when launching apps in 3.0 Needs to have winterboard installed.
    Icon needed:
    Image is transperent so you have to right click link and select save link as...
    1.Download openssh and learn how to ssh.
    2.Go to settings
    3.Go to stacks and set display as Image
    4.SSH into iphone and navigate to /Libray/MobileStack
    5.Drag the icon_app.png to desktop
    6.Then drag the included stack_drawer_button_single.png into the/Library/MobileStack
    7.Overwrite the existing one.
    8.Rename the icon_app.png to the name of an app you don't use. I used BossTool as it does not need to be used more than once.
    9.Go to /var/stash/Themes in ssh program
    10. Pick the theme you currrently use in winterboard.
    11.Double click Icons folder
    12. Place the renamed icon_app.png here.
    13 Respring or Reboot
    14.Look for the app with a stacks icon.
    15.Place it on the dock where you want stacks to be.
    16.Go to your settings app then to stacks and enable cascaded icons
    17. Respring and then reposition stacks over the fake stack icon.
    18. Go backs to settings and enable Display as Image in Stacks.
    19. Now you know where stacks is and because it's icon is transerent you cant see it in videos.
    A bug in stacks causes it to randomly move around springboard. To find stacks redo steps 16-18.
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    Nice tutorial although this might be made redundant due to the fact that the author is updating stacks to 3.0. (check front page)

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