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    ok. this is a really cheap, temporary way i found to fix the distortion and improve bass on my cheap ipod headphones...

    NOTE: *do this at your own risk!* headphones may become un usable if done wrong or if the wrong kind of materials are used!

    1. crack em open... thats right... open them...

    dont crack the plastic and be careful with the rubber ring.

    slip a dull point such as a metal toothpick on a swiss army knife into the space where the rubber ring is...

    u should be able to open them from here...move it around but dont go to deep or you may damage ur speakers!

    2. find some model clay... yes clay/playdoh, whatever you can get ur hands on and that stays RELATIVELY MOIST.

    use this to FILL IN the big open capsule behind the little speakers and touch up some gaps behind the speakers themselves.

    **Make sure you put JUST ENOUGH to fill gaps and the hole but not so much to put pressure on the speaker!**

    3. close em up... clean them off.

    ur done here but now u can **neverrrr open them again**
    because in my experience when you open them back up after they sit there the speaker gets yanked apart due to the clay sticking together...

    soo once uve done it you cant go back.

    i've done this to a couple of older pairs form the original ipods i dont know how well it will work on the new ones

    basically all this does is get rid of some distortion when you turn ur ipod/source up a lot... and also bass is a little bit more pronounced. u may have to boost treble a little.

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