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Discussion in 'Site feedback, suggestions, and discussions' started by Sarcasm Siempre, Jul 14, 2009.

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    Some of the stickies have become outdated or unnecessary. I've compiled a list of the stickies I don't think are needed (your opinions may differ):

    Post Your Lock Screen Wallpapers - This thread started when the 2G couldn't be jailbroken and custom lock screen wallpaper was the only customization the 2G could do. It can be jailbroken now, so why not just keep all screenshots in the official thread?

    Post Your Themes - 2G - Again, could easily be merged with the Official Screenshot thread.

    Post Your Custom Boot and Recovery Logos - Perhaps this one should be moved to the Themes and Customization forum, since first-gen users can have custom logos too?

    Why you should NOT make a repo - Not too many people make their own repos anymore.

    [HOW TO] Configure and VNSea - Update on Post 1! - Neither of these apps exist anymore.

    Do Not Ask For Download Links - Perhaps this sticky could be copied to all the emulator subforums?

    All your ROM sources and PM's are illegal - Same as above. Perhaps the two could be merged.

    Reminder - Do NOT Provide App Store Apps Here - Maybe this could be copied to all App Store-related forums?

    Just my two cents.
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