Steve Jobs Please o This!!

Discussion in 'Apple Discussions, Rumours and Speculation' started by the goat, Apr 26, 2008.

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    Nov 14, 2007
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    Well, i hope this does happen. apple in 'late june', steve jobs is introing and releasing 2.0

    i said in march, that developers will be making the apps for the appstore. well, were making some, too. one of which is called customize. what customizdoes [i dont need to tell you guys! you already know.] ...... and you can d/l the pic maker from the apple site for the mac or pc. what this does is, you can make your own custom sliders, battery images, wifi icons and more. all of these will be vailable through the appstore. at the bottom, you hit 'categories', then 'customize' then whichever icon/picture thingy you want, like wifi images or... THESE ARE ALL FREE AND THERES NO DEV $99 SIGNUP THING. ALL PURELY FREE!
    i really hope steve, apple do this. it would be great

    Stev:' oh, one last thing, customize app is $1', yep only $1

    who just LOVES THIS IDEA!!!????
  2. Boss Kamikaze

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    Dec 7, 2007
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    yeah it would be good but Steve jobs won't let this happen, something to do editing the firmware which is not allowed that's why we jailbreak

    P.S why is it $1 can't it not be free like it is know.

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