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    When I upgraded to 3.1.2 of course I lost all my info etc, & ended up redownloading Stanza as well as the hundreds of books. As of saturday I had the issue with all my music (6 GB worth) showing up as 'other' & unable to be accessed. My device is jailbroken so I SSH'ed in, deleted the music folder, resynced only to have the same exact issue. Before restore I backedup the directory where Stanza stores it's books. After the restore I replace the ebboks but I get a fatal 'error' when I open stanza. Is there no way to place tthe books back on there? I don't wamt to redownload 800 ebboks, another reason being that deink malk is down.

    Am I stuck with a backup that I cannot restore? Thanks for any help.

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