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    2G iPod touch
    Hi everybody!
    First of all I'm sory to boder with bad maners. I'm new to these and i'm not an english native.
    I'll try to explaind my Situation.
    I have a Stand alone iPod Touch 2g with 3.0. I do not have a PC or Notebook. But the iPod if full of music without been sync to the iTunes iPod library.
    I've been looking for alternatives to the native MobilePlayer and i find a couple but, theres non that can play files at the filesystem and if they can, they only play one file. The beter app that i find and the one who suites better the iPod was PwnPlayer but the developer stops his job on it and the app chashes constantly and i think theres no version for 3.0.
    Is there a posibilitie to sync the iPod library with already stored files in the filesystem? or beter so to not using itunes, Does anyone knows of any good player that can play filesystem arhives?
    Thanks very much!

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