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    If you're a user and are also as anal-retentive about your dock as i am, you may be disappointed at a few aspects of the app:

    1. Does not produce a reflection on the dock like the rest of the items
    2. Icon isn't representative of the fact that it's a stack and just shows the icon of an app that's in the stack.

    I have discovered a couple quick fixes for this situation.

    To create the dock reflection effect, you must navigate in the filesystem to Applications/
    -rename "icon.png" to "icon.png.old" (this creates a backup of the original icon)
    -upload the attached file (or the one of your choosing), must be renamed to "icon.png"

    To Determine what icon shows as a representation of your stack in the dock (let's say you want it to be the same as your icon):
    -navigate to the "com.steventroughtonsmith.stack.entries" file found in: /var/root/Library/Preferences/
    -the 3rd entry (app) of the file is the icon that displays on top of the stack all the time.

    Looks like:
    That means.. The icon for "" is what will be displayed on top of the stack when you look at your springboard. I've attached a pic of what it will look like when done correctly.

    Experimentally, you can probably change that last part of the 3rd entry to display the icon of your choosing, even if it misrepresents the application it will launch. For instance, say i have in the 3rd spot, but i want to display the finder icon in the Springboard, i'd just change:

    That's about it.

    Stacks is a great application, and the only thing i don't like about it is that the stack often lingers on the screen while apps are being launched and at times interferes with the usage of the application (i.e. But the devs know and are working on it, apparently.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    reference for stacks install (if you don't have Stacks yet):

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    This works just ike it's supposed to, but might I ask why that specific png has to be used? Why can't the other icon be reflected?
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    check my thread... i have all you need for the stack app

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