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    Ok. This is my first post that will really help people... I think. I collected info from one thread I started because I needed lots of help on various of Stack related things, I put the person name who answered/figured it out. Thanks.

    How do I get more than 4 stack icons??

    ANSWER 1: You just SSH into /Applications, copy onto your desktop. Edit the info.plist, where it says "stackdummy4", change it to "stackdummy5" or something along those lines, then rename the folder to and SSH it back into your iPod.

    QUESTION 2: Is there a way Stacked automatically deletes a app if it is put in a stacked folder but if it is deleted form the stack folder, it comes back?

    ANSWER 2: No its not possible. Maybe in future updates though.For now you'll have to use the poof app from Cydia or SBSettings to get rid of the apps that you put in your stacked folders, and if you delete them from the stacked folders, just go back to poof or your SBSettings and show the app again.
    -Confirmed by lots of people

    A pop up keeps saying
    Stack Update Available
    There is a newer version of Stack available.
    WHAT DO I DO?!

    ANSWER 3: Go to that site ( and enter your email, download the .deb file. Now save it where ever you want. Now to install the stack3a.deb file, SSH it into your iPod, open iFile then locate it, click on the file then press Install.

    QUESTION 4: How do I use iFile??

    ANSWER 4: iFile is pretty straight forward, if you know how to SSH and navigate through the folders, you should know how to use iFile. Think of iFile as 'My Computer'/'Windows Explorer' on your computer.

    QUESTION 5: I try to hide my music app with poof or my SBSettings but it isn't working, how can I do this??

    ANSWER 5: Easy, go to this tutorial:

    QUESTION 6: I just used iFile to install the .deb and it still says Stack Update Available. you lied!

    ANSWER 6: Well for some people it works, if it didn't Try uninstalling Stacks from Cydia, then reinstall with the .deb.

    QUESTION 7: shouldn't Stack be able to scroll when you have lots of apps in a stack?

    Got anymore good questions? Ask them. If someone answers them with a real answer that really works, Ill add them to this thread. Thanks for reading, have a good time with your perfect stacks

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    ANSWER 7: Yes. If you have the newest update... Get it at (
    -Me (D347HXD)

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