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    From my understanding you need winSCP to access your phone? is this correct?

    I am un clear about what to d oonce i have downloaded winSCP from like google...could someone walk me through the process or briefly explain what to do?

    Does winSCP come with preloaded stuff to load or whatever onto your phone? or do you add sources and what not to this program i don't know how it works, can anyone please explain. THANKS FOR THE INFO i am going to do it once i get home but i want to make sure i understand how it works so i dont mess up my jailbroken iphone which worked great using ziphone! I have openSSH on phone all ready so if someone could explain how open SSH can be accessed through winSCP that would be great or maybe an example on how to put a custom slider on your phone using this program? thanks guys
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    You need the Touch/iPhone jailbroken.
    In Installer, under the tab "System", you need OpenSSH installed.

    This guide here should guide help you out.
    Guide on WinSCP

    For the slider, look into Customize 2.0.

    For manual, you will have to drop the pic here,
    Rename the slider

    I believe this is the correct renaming.
    If not then post back.

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