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    Okay, I have WinSCP and AutomaticSSH (OpenSSH)

    I can SSH my ROMS for my emulators perfectly fine. I can delete unwanted things, no problem. But when I follow instructions of how to install "SNES4iPhone" via SSH I have problems.

    Okay, let me explain. I drag the file into my Apps section in /<root>/Applications/ and I set the preference to 0755. I then follow the nest step to go into /var/mobile/ to create the folder "Documents" and set that to 777.


    I open it and it has a folder called, "admob" and some documents called, "macman.state" and "mobclix.db" and inside the "admob" folder there is a whole bunch of other folder and other documents, etc.

    So, I cannot create the needed "Documents" folder and set it to 777, because there is already a folder called "Documents" that was already there and is being used for something else...

    I don't know what all of the stuff in the already present "Doucments" folder is for, so I'm not gonna f*** with it.

    Buuuuuttt, how do I fix this. In order to instal "" I need to create a folder called "Documents" in /var/mobile/ except there was already one there and it is being used for who know what, but the stuff inside looks important so I don't wanna mess around with it...


    Lol, I fixed it *facepalm* at myself, lol...

    I had the actual app in a folder on my desktop and I was dragging it into WinSCP with it inside of an extra folder. ("Double-Folder'd" if you will, lol)

    ------------------double post merged------------------
    Okay guys, I could get the app onto my ipod, but they won't open, the just crash immediately...

    anyone know why?

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