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Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 2.X' started by tgdesrochers, Sep 15, 2008.

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    first off let me say I am very new to this whole jailbreaking ipod thing and I have just figured out how to jailbreak it. I have heard a lot out there about SSH??? What is it and how is it beneficial. I am not a compputer retard I am just new to ipods (btw I bought an ipod touch without 2.0 and upgraded it to 2.1 and jailbroke it) Please help this noob!!!

    thanks in advance for your posts.
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    iPhone 5 (Black) far as I know from reading a lot of stuff about this it is some kind of internet protocol that allows you to access your ipods filesystem and to copy files to your ipod or change permissions to the particular change permissions to make stuff work in case you didnt know

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    eg I used T-PoT - a plugin (not SSH! but it is good) for total commander to access ipod touch and copy some files for customize app and stuff...but you cant change permissions with it...
    in order to SSH you have to install OpenSSH in your ipod touch through Cydia or installer and WinSCP on your PC - google

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    note that you have to be connected to your wifi in order to SSH unless you use the USB SSH method through iPhone Tunnel Suite.

    Just google these things I mentioned here and you should be fine...

    PS: everything stated in this post can also be found here on forums and I know it is to be found, I even posted a tut to SSH/USB to your ipod but deleted it because it wass double search - just use the search function

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