SSH-problem after jb (NO NOOB!)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by qwertzuiop, Mar 14, 2009.

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    2G iPod touch

    so i also untethered my ipod and just wanted to change something in my apps via ssh (teh applications.kcLAPQ or so). after untethering i didnt do anything with ssh so this is new time after new fw
    i can go into the filesystem bt when i click applications from the root folder there is an error:

    ( i try to translate )
    error while showing the folder "/private/var/stash/Applications.kcLAPQ"
    file or folder not found
    error number: 2
    error notification of the "other" pc: no such file
    request? number:11

    so this folder doesnt exist
    instead of that folder there is another one called
    but inside of that there are only the apps that are normally on the (apple)homescreen + some cydia apps.
    how can i get back to view all my apps?
    (they are in categories. earlier this wasnt a problem mayb now? i cant find)

    ((winscp is crashing often now idk why)

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