SSH into your ipod/iphone via Ubuntu terminal to execute commands

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by robertomano24, Nov 2, 2009.


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  1. robertomano24

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    Jun 16, 2008
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    4G iPod touch
    I haven't seen a tutorial on this. And this is my first tutorial on these forums.. so bear with me.

    I am using and iPod touch 2G, however, this will work on any jailbroken device (firmware 2.0 and up ~ I am on 3.1.2). Also, I am using Ubuntu 9.1 Karmic Koala. Some steps may not work accordingly depending on your version of Ubuntu.

    Here we go

    Get your iPhone/iPod out
    Download the following from Cydia: OpenSSH, sbsettings
    Respring or Reboot your iPhone/iPod
    Open terminal on Ubuntu (Accessories>Terminal)
    Now, slide (from one side to the other) of your iPhone/iPod status bar. (Where it shows the clock, wifi, battery, etc.)
    This should pop up (though it will look slightly different)
    What we want from this is here

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    <---------- Wi-Fi IP Address:

    Your local IP address will probably not be "", but whatever the number, you need that.

    Now that you have that number (IP Address), type or copy/past this into Ubuntu terminal. "ssh -p 22"
    Where "ssh" is the built in function to allow Ubuntu to ssh, "-p" signifies you are connecting through a port, "22" is the port you are connecting to, and "" ---"root" is the root folder of your iProduct with root permissions and is your IP you got from the previous step---. (replace with your IP _ex.

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    It will ask for a password. Default password is "alpine". If you changed it, you know what it is.
    Now you are logged in.

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