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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Elahrairah, Mar 14, 2008.

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    Hello, I need some help. Search didn't get me what I needed, sorry if it's a repost.

    I have a touch with 1.1.2 JB and I am happy with it.

    A friend gave me a new iphone 1.1.4 and asked me to unlock, JB it. I used ZiPhone and it worked great. Got OpenSSH on it and I am able to get into it.

    Now then, as a gift, I wanted to put some games I have on my touch on this iphone, I copied the files from my "Applications" folder to his "Library" folder (where Installer, etc are kept) and restarted the iphone.

    But I don't see any icons. All prefs are at 0755.

    Help. Am I in the wrong folder? Are some games not compatable with iphone?

    Edit: got it. Found the "Applications" folder. Odd there are two folders with apps in them...anyway, I can't get iAno or 5 dice to work....but Labyrinth and Pool do....can't seem to get it to go to the "2nd screen"

    Edit 2: Just installed "Customize"....installed fine, but didn't show an icon. I believe there is something keeping me from seeing the 2nd screen...anything different between the iphone and ipot in regards to seeing icons for more than 16 apps?

    Edit 3: Nevermind. I see iphone doesn't like to scroll. Fixed the problem by using launcher......

    Thanks for the help in advance.
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    iPhone 4 (Black)
    to get iano to work u have to go to settings and under sonds turn on key click to eitehr headphones, ipod or both
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    D reason It isnt working is because 1.1.4 has different file directories.. Example there is no application folder which there us in 1.1.1-1.1.3

    I dont have the 1.1.4 so I can't give you further help

    Suggestion: try installing the 1.1.4 fix it should be in new releases and let you download any app you can if you had 1.1.1 then install bigboss's nes RomS that should b in d games section and Use mobilefinder from installer to see where it goes which every folder u find it in is the roms folder

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