SSH guide for macs (with no internet connection!)

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    im sure many of people have figured some way of sshin' into their ipods or iphones around the house, but if you have a newer mac with wifi, you can ssh into your ipod without having a internet connection at all! i find it useful when im up north in the middle of nowhere, testing a theme or changing a file name without the interwebz.

    so lets get started, of course youll need the basic knowledge of sshing and hopefully system preferences on your mac.
    lets create a "network" for our ipod to connect to first. open up system preferences, and click on the sharing tab. on the left side of the window there will be a bunch of checkboxes and sharing options. scroll down til you see internet sharing. dont check the box, but click the words internet sharing and on the right the panel will change. now it will say share your connection: _____
    i recommend clicking ethernet. we wont actually be using it and you dont need to connect anything, but it will think we has interwebz. below that it says to computers _____
    now youll have to click the checkbox next to airport, name the network whatever you want at the top and finally click the checkbox next to internet sharing on the left side. it will say are you sure that blahblahblah... click yes.

    now we have a "network" that other computers can connect to but in our case, the ipod. simply go to settings on your ipod, and chose the network we just made. it should be _____'s computer unless you renamed it. type in a password if you made one, and thats it. click the blue arrow to see your ipods ip address and connect to ssh in your ipod as you usually would. i use cyberduck, so i set it up the same as on my personal network, except the ip address is usually something like
    be surprized to see you are inside of your ipods filesystem wirelessly without being connected to your favorite websites. hope that helps anyone who wanted to know. leave feedback and ask questions if you need help.

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