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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by moonglow, Feb 4, 2010.

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    As discussed in another thread (2038806), I'm having to restore almost weekly - keep losing my pod (ie media monkey sees it as an unknown ipod touch, itunes says it can't read it - I am chasing my return policy/apple etc to see if I can find out if Ive a hardware issue...

    Restoring isn't really that much of a drama, except for the time to drag icons etc around again, nearly everything else is restored in restore - oh except my smartlists.

    I was wondering where the info for icon/app placement is stored? and can I just SSH it off and put it back after a restore to resurrect my old layout?

    alternatively, instead of using itunes backup, can I just SSH my whole pod (maybe excepting media files) to my pc and back again for a restore?

    This seems like it'd have the advantage of restoring cydia settings too wouldnt it?

    Be interested to hear why this doesnt seem to be a common approach to backing up the pod.


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