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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by YoMommaSoFat, Jul 21, 2010.

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    I'm about to click the "Erase and sync" option in iTunes since I am forced to do that cause of computer/hard drive problems. I had to make a new user account on Windows and sync my iPod from there. I used Sharepod to retrieve all my (old) music on my iPod touch and imported it to iTunes. iTunes recognized it as a new library on my other user acc., so I am planning to Erase and sync.

    My question is I am afraid + paranoid that my current games from the App Store will not be saved, and I would have to start a new game. So, I want to SSH into my iPod to retrieve the old game files, just in case I am forced to start a new game. I normally use WinSCP to SSH into my iPod touch. I haven't SSH'ed into it for a few months now, so a -noob- guide would be appreciated.


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    So you get winscrp or what ever (I am on a mac so I wouldn't know the name by heart) then you login as root then go back back back in files till you get to / then you go to users (it is an alias) then apps. There will be a whole bunch of folders with random letters plus numbers (THose are app store apps) then copy all of them to folder on your desktop (to find them easier) then once it is done (might take a few hours because it is over wifi) you drag them all to iTunes and let itunes do it's add app bla bla bla (might take a few minutes) then you have all of your app store apps (gotten from the app store or cracked) into iTunes. Then you can restore. Also if you want your apps' saved data go to Cydia and download appbackup. It is an app that backs up your saved gave data and then puts it in with a backup from iTunes.

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