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    4G iPod touch
    what do you guys think about SquareTrade.com. i see they would cover the new Ipod Touch 4G for about 50.0$. Should i take it.

    Hassle Free Coverage see details
    All mechanical and electrical failures that occur in normal use.

    5 Day Service Guarantee see details
    We pay you full replacement value if the item can't be fixed, so you
    can get the replacement item of your choice.

    Great Prices
    Our Care Plans cost half what retailers charge,with 5-star
    rated service for your peace of mind.

    Accidental Protection for iPhones see details
    80% of all iPhone failures are caused by accidents. Our iPhone warranty protects against drops, spills, and other accidents.

    Special coverage for eBay users see details
    Covers used & refurbished items or where manufacturer does not
    (e.g., gray-market item or seller not authorized dealer).

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