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    attached is a picture of my current springboard on my jailbroken iphone 3g on 3.1. i really like the look of it with the categories and the blank icons, but I want something to fill the empty space in the middle of the screen (I'm planning on replacing the IBNWeather widget i have on right now cuz its too small. besides, I usually know what the weather is anyways, I can just look out the window ha). Ive tried the clockwidget, but I found that the clock didnt update very fast and i didnt like having 2 clocks on my springboard (the staus bar one and the widget. and I tried getting rid of the status bar one, but since the springboard clock didnt update very fast I found it annoying to have to go to the lockscreen whenever I wanted to check the time). So does anyone know of any good springboard widgets that I could use? Im open to anything. Thanks!

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