Spilt Liquid on MacBook

Discussion in 'Mac & OS X' started by thekillercrab, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Hello, I have an emergency with my MacBook...
    Last night, I accidentally spilt water on it, and I immediately unplugged it and held down the power button, however, the screen went all grey and it said -

    "Please turn your MacBook off using the Power Button" I've only had this twice before, randomly, but nothing was wrong with it, however this time, I knew something had gone very wrong. I held the button down then a messed-up purple-y screen appeared and my MacBook made an awful noise like "eeeeeeee-ugghhh" and it died.

    I took the battery out and used my mum's laptop to find out what I could do about it, most of the tutorials involved opening up the MacBook, but I decided against this, as I wouldn't want to void the warranty just in case. I left it for about an hour and tried the power button. Nothing.

    I tried it again today, and as I pressed the power button, it made the noise it always makes, as usual, and the light lit up, on the bottom right of my Mac. The screen was blank and nothing happened. I've read that the Apple warranty does not cover things such as spillages.

    So these are my options:

    1. Send it back to John Lewis.
    2. Send it back to Apple, and say it just broke.
    3. Send it to my local computer repair shop.
    4. Send it to my local Apple Store.

    I don't think my MacBook will work again without repair, I think it may have got through to the Logic Board. Apparently it is VERY expensive to have this fixed, and I don't have money to spend on that sort of thing, so it looks like my main option is 2. I need your opinion on what I should do. Please help, I need it fixed ASAP!

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    there probably is a water sensor in the macbook that will tell apple whether its been murdered with water or not, so they won't repair it if the litmus paper is pinkish.

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