Spent some time with a new Droid X. Compared to the 4G touch...

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by theLorax, Oct 2, 2010.

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    My coworker got a new Droid X. I spent some time with it, and just thought i'd share the differences between it and my 4G touch. Yeah I know that i'm comparing a cell phone to a PMP, but a lot of these comparisons apply to the iPhone 4, and a lot of uses with these devices are non cell phone related.


    The Droid X's larger screen is a good perk, and a big selling point for the device. It's attractive to those who don't have the best eyesight, and plan to read text on it a lot.

    As far as display quality goes, it doesn't hold a candle to the retina display. I played a youtube video simultaneous side by side with my 4g touch. With the droid playing the youtube video in HQ mode, and the touch playing it on its only setting (which I think is HQ too), the quality was significantly better. Much more crisp and more vibrant colors. Small text was easier to read. I also played Homerun Race 3D on both devices side by side. Graphics were much prettier on the touch.


    The droid is quite a bit thicker due to its higher end hardware and larger screen. It doesnt fit comfortably in the pocket of your jeans. If you arent using it, you'll want to have it sitting on a table. My touch can stay in my pocket, and I won't even notice that it's there. I like that. I did find that the touch was a little too thin, out of the box. However, with a slipcase, its a nice combination of sleek, yet substantial enough to get a good grip on.


    The android marketplace is a good alternative to the app store, but it's certainly not on the same level. Hoever, one neat thing I did notice is that it had NES/SNES/PSX emulators. And I suspect that it has other apps that Apple doesnt offer or allow. Also I noticed an app that was free for android that costs money on iOS (retro camera, known as hipstamatic)

    I saw that a lot of apps costs more on the android marketplace ($3.50 for doodle jump, ouch!). I did a side by side comparison of Homerun Battle 3D. It looks like the android version is a port, and not redesigned, because the picture is stretched, and the player models and signs just look off.


    Of course, the droid camera is much higher quality, both still and video and the LED flash is definitely useful. Droid wins hands down here. No surprises there. The internal speaker seemed to be equal.


    Android has more of a learning curve than iOS. The fact that it has 4 hardware buttons that serve different functions depending on what app you are using only adds to this. I kept having to experiment with them.

    After taking some test pictures, i wasnt able to delete them. The delete button was greyed out. I couldnt delete them, surely due to my lack of knowledge, but the point is, that is not intuitive, and its something that I should have been able to figure out right then and there.

    Droids widgets are nice and give added control to its environment.

    Miscellaneous Points:

    The Droid X gets significantly less battery power than the touch. (due to its hardware and bigger screen).

    The Droid X has fantastic integration of google services. So if you use gmail, google maps, google voice, google calendar, this will be a big perk for you.

    Screen scrolling isnt as smooth on the droid. It studders a bit, even with its faster processor.

    Using the droid made me realize how nice subfolders are. Having to scroll down pages and pages, and reverting to running searches to find apps really slowed me down. If the droid does have subfolder capability please disregard.

    MicroSD slot is nice. Being able to add more capacity on the fly is great.

    The HDMI out port on the Droid X is a disappointment. You can only use it when viewing photos or videos that are in your gallery. It doesnt simply output whatever is on the screen, severely limiting its functionality.


    What the Droid brings to the table is a big screen, fast hardware, and a nice camera. The 4g touch (and iPhone 4) brings intuitive, user friendly operation, a sleek, sexy design, and most importantly, the most robust app store available. In my opinion, apps are what make the device. Without it, you don't have much more than a cell phone.
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    wow nice review/comperation! lol i want a droid now...
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    Great review!!!!!!!

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    Possibly the most completely unbiased review I've ever read.

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    Good review, one of the few tl;dr reviews here I bothered reading from start to finish.
    It's too unibiased, needs more bias!

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