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    REVIEW! speck pixelskin case

    ok well since not many people on this site have speck pixelskin cases and since i have not seen any pics of them, i have taken some pictures of my ipod with the cases on... i finally got the cases in but they messed up on my order and gave me a blue iphone 3g case instead of a black one for my ipod 2g lol... but they gave me the blue one for free and are sending me the black one so YAY! ok anyways...

    these silicone cases are AMAZING! they are very smooth, very nice, and look great. They are also durable. I dropped my case onto my coffee table and it made a nice little whack and it came out looking the same...
    i have not tried major tests like going outside and dropping it because im scared LOL but from the looks of it i think this case will protect the ipod from falls...
    it has a nice lip and it covers the chrome bezel all the way around...i love how the case covers up the home button but leaves the usb connector and headphone jack open. The volume rockers and sleep button are completely covered and are very very easy to get to!
    The case adds bulk, but it is very minimal... fit perfectly in my pocket (but you might have somee trouble if your pants are tight) i slipped into my jeans pocket for maybe 30 minutes (not long time to test it out completely) and when i pulled it out there was no lint and it came out nice and easy... but like i said 30 minutes is not long enough... im gonna test it out more tomorrow hopefully... what else... basically thats it.

    if you are looking for a durable silicone case, i think this case is for you... 7 colors to choose from and i think they are still on sale. no problems yet with this case and i hope to never encounter any problem

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    this isnt a great review (if would even call it a review) but anyways thanks for reading

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    oh and sorry for bad quality pics my camera sucks

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