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    I saw some interesting hype about this movie, so I decided to watch it today. I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard about it, I just happened to stumble across a post about it on Film School Rejects and decided to investigate.

    Basically, it's a very strange and interesting take on the superhero movies that are so prevalent today. A guy starts taking an anti-depressant, which causes him to start hallucinating and thinking that he has superpowers. I'm not going to really go into any more depth than that, because it would really take away from the power of this movie.

    You can see the trailer here: http://www.apple.com/trailers/independent/special/

    Let me just warn anybody who wants to see it though, the trailer is made to make the movie seem much funnier than it is. Don't go in excepting a lighthearted comedy, in fact the movie is quite depressing.

    Anyways, I thought that this movie was amazing. By far one of the most original and unique movies that I have seen in a long while.

    Oh, and it's a limited release so unless you live in New York or California, your best bet is probably Comcast On-Demand (that's where I watched it). I thought it was a pretty cool idea to release it there the same day it was released in theaters.
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    that looks pretty cool
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