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    Hi there,
    i have found a way to fix the problem of "not all icons being changed problem" most semi smart people that know there way aroung a computer probly dont need this becuase it's so simple but i found an easy effective way to get all of the pesky icons that stick out to just fit in

    >connect ipod thru FTP to your pc

    >find summerboard (if using WanSCP which is free and effective) double click library and scroll down to summer board and double click it

    >once in click themes

    >slecet the theme you are or want to use then select icon

    >you should see a list of ipod apllications you can open the files and a sample of the icon will come up here is were the icon problem lies

    >the unspecial icon are those of which that are not in that folder you are in

    >all you have to do is select one of the icon you no you dont have and if it resemble an icon you dont have then rename that icon the icon you want

    For ex. i use NeonStandered and that themes dosnt come with a music, video, iTunes, or contacts folder so i use the ipod icon for my music becuase the ipod touch unlike the iphone dosent have the ipod app any questions e-mail me at Chefandre93@aol.com

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