SpaceDuel! (Spaceship vs Spaceship combat over WIFI) released!

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    Hello all,
    I am pleased to announce that SpaceDuel!, a spaceship vs spaceship shooter is now out on the app store.

    Here is the app store link:

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    Youtube link:

    Take part in exciting spaceship vs spaceship combat in the far reaches of space! Enjoy fast, fluid gameplay involving laser beams, particle cannons, crazy teleport abilities and more. The game has 5 unique classes of ships with very different abilities and weapons. Unlock them all and fight with your opponents over local-wifi to see who comes out first!
    - Duke it out with your friends over local wifi.
    - 5 unique ship classes and 10 different weapon abilities.
    - Play a variety of single player missions to unlock the 5 different ships.
    - Post your high scores onto a global high score board for both single and multiplayer.
    - Supports customized left and right-handed interface controls.

    Comments/Feedback are welcome.

    thanks for your support!
    Developer of SpaceDuel!

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