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    My desktop computer is a ppc, had some trouble finding resources, anyone else have that experience, care to add to the list?

    Found elsewhere on this forum:
    Untetherizer by Jaikob - Version 2.0.6 BETA

    Download V2.0.6 Beta: http://www.[].com/?d=OMSPT6E4

    To use Untetherizer, LIBPNG and LIBUSB must be installed.
    LIBPNG Package By Jaikob:


    LIBPNG asks for libusb. The real problem, for me at least, was finding a compiled version of usblib for ppc:

    mattias ellert posted a complete collection at:

    TWAIN SANE Interface for MacOS X

    His FAQ says:

    This is a little over my head, so I just installed both, whtever. If that turns out to be a problem, he also explains how to uninstall.

    Untetherizer then opened up the terminal and worked its magic, thank you Jaikob.

    Then, it asked me to restore in iTunes, more on that.

    To restart the itouch, I unplugged and held down on/off and home keys until I got a logo.

    Waiting for iTunes to recognize.

    Anyone found mac resources, particularly ppc?



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