Sorry If Previously Amsered But Need To Know Before Jailbreaking 3rd Gen (64GB)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by UndergroundThery, Feb 27, 2010.

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    Ok, this may have been answered already but I need to know quick because I have a flight to board in about 15 minutes and my laptop is about to die on me. I had a simple question about jailbreaking the 3rd Generation Ipod Touch (64GB version 3.1.3).
    I understand that there's only a tethered version available which means you gotta start over after rebooting (which may mean the same thing I'm about to ask). My question is, does this also happen if you reset the ipod using the sleep and menu botton? (which you would use if your ipod froze or something.) Out of all the threads I have read, people only mentioned starting over if the ipod was turned off (I'm assuming manually), I just want to be 100% sure if this occurs when you reset the ipod. Again, sorry if this has been answered previously in another thread (and sorry about the long paragraph as well)
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    Cant jailbreak a 3rd gen on 3.1.3... You will have to wait until you can
    A) Downgrade
    B) A Jailbreak is released.

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