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    The day has arrived. For two weeks now, I have been searching for this little gem in the app store, coming up with no results. I googled it a couple of hours ago, saw it was released, and instantly ran upstairs to install it. It was released today, on the 9th and will be on sale, only $1.99 for 72 hours before becoming its regular $2.99. Enough with that, lets get on to the game.

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    1/5 Gameplay

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    When first starting the game I noticed this cute little intro scene and some awkward english "until an ancient evil lurking in the woods was awaken" (as in the picture above). The plot is kinda simple and stupid, but that doesn't matter to me. Basically this thing moved everyone off the land, or killed everyone (i forgot) except this guy and you are supposed to go on some quest to save them and restore peace. The way in which you move around is very similar to mario galaxy in which each little planet has its own little gravity but this ones in 2D making it much easier.
    The levels are pretty much straightforward. At the beginning of each level, your guy has three hearts and when he is hurt by an enemy or falls off he loses a heart. When he loses all three you have to start over. It's pretty hard to lose all three at least in the first couple of levels.
    Enemies are pretty similar to super mario bros. in which you jump on top of enemies to squash them, or lose a heart if they hit you. There are other enemies later on which are more difficult in which you just have to avoid. There are also lots of cool obstacles ranging from vines you can walk on, to red trampolines which propel you up high. On another note, in each level there are three sleeping little guys which you can collect (once you collect them, they follow you) to earn more points and unlock bonus levels. A cool little touch I guess.
    Levels go by pretty quickly, but there are 8 levels (not including bonus ones) in each world, and 7 worlds so they should keep you entertained for a while.
    Overall the game is nothing short of fun!

    Heres the short: The gameplay is cool, ripping a lot off of Mario games. Examples of these are:
    -Mario galaxy's gravity worlds (these are annoying at first but you get used to them quickly)
    -Most of the enemies and how you kill them (pretty similar to goombas, thwomps etc...)
    -Trampolines (as seen in super mario bros deluxe)
    -Star Power (how could I forget the most obvious rip off

    2/5 Graphics

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    The graphics are simple but marvelously done. The game looks like it was taken out of a kids comic book and touched up by professionals. From the loading screen which looks like it was sketched with colored pencil, to the vibrant colorful world which is anything but lackluster.
    Although the graphics are simple, much detail is there. One of my favorite details is when the character goes onto the bottom part of some of the little planets the background changes to a kind of underground background, rather than a sky with clouds. I also like the little mushrooms that appear on some of the planets; they add a nice touch. When you move throughout the worlds and spin around a lot, the transitions are seamless, although I did get a little dizzy at one point

    The Short: Very Good

    3/5 Music

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    I don't really have much to say about the sound, I guess it's ok; I certainly don't mind it. The gameplay and graphics are so mind blowing that I don't even pay attention to the music. In addition to listening to their funky music, you can also choose to play your own.

    The Short: Ok, allows for custom music

    4/5 Controls and Menus

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    The controls are simple. You can move the guy left, right, or jump. These are all buttons you tap located on the bottom of the screen. They do not interfere with your field of view at all. I love on the menu screen how you can reset your data by holding down those two buttons simultaneously, just think its a cool feature. You can also disable sounds and or game music. The level menu is nothing short of gorgeous, allowing you to move around the map with your finger to see all the different levels. Just another feature that i fell in love with

    The Short: Simple and easy to use menus, allowing you to disable music and sound, and reset all your data. Controls also easy to use.

    5/5 Value

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    And now comes the final question. If you have kept your eyes glued to the screen still, after all my boring crap, well congratulations! The final verdict... This app is definately worth the $1.99 price it is at for 72 hours, and i think it will still be worth it when it goes up in price after, but Ladies and Gentlemen, rush your thumbs over to the app store and pick up Soosiz while its still fresh (and $1.99 might i add )

    The Short: Yeah... It's worth it, pick it up quick while its still cheap.

    In case you don't wanna hear my whole shpeal here is a quick list of pros and cons

    Cheap (at least for 72 hours)
    Great gameplay
    Vivid images
    Smooth Gameplay
    Lots of levels
    Allows you to listen to iPod music instead of their default music
    Simple controls
    Cool Concept

    Gonna get more expensive
    Sometimes gravity fields can get annoying if you are impatient
    Takes a long time to download (minor con)
    Dumb plot
    Awkward english

    Overall the Pros largely outweigh the cons, giving this app a whopping 4/5 stars

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