Songs from the same album appear separately in cover flow!

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by jenna1983, Mar 1, 2010.

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    I actually already posted this in the itunes 9 sub forum, but no replies so I'm thinking maybe less people post there. Anywayz..

    Has anyone here faced a problem with iTunes, where songs from the same album appear separately in cover flow? I know iTunes will automatically separate the songs if there is any spelling difference/extra space etc. I've checked everything and still face this problem!

    Here's the thing. I have six songs by Lady GaGa, four from the album "The Fame" that is:

    Just Dance - Artist: Lady GaGa feat Colby O'Donis
    Poker Face - Artist: Lady GaGa
    Paparazzi - Artist: Lady GaGa
    Love Game - Artist: Lady GaGa

    And there are two songs from "The Fame Monster" that is:

    Telephone - Artist: Lady GaGa feat Beyonce
    Bad Romance - Artist: Lady GaGa

    No matter what I do, I cannot separate them correctly in iTunes! I've mentioned "Lady GaGa" as the album artist for all 6 songs, and under the "artist" tab, I've mentioned it as written above. I know iTunes should separate the songs by album artist and then by album, hence if the album artist and album are the same, it shouldn't matter who the artist is. But apparently, it does make a differnece! Especially, if you mention the word "featuring" or "and".

    And I've tried deleting the songs from iTunes and adding them again, but I get the same problem! And the problem has nothing to do with the album artwork, because I get the same problem if there's no artwork and if I add the artwork.

    I've actually faced this problem with other songs, (from the same album, but one song has a featured artist). I've noticed that if I put a space after the artist's name in the solo song, the song's will appear together, but if there's no space, iTunes wil separate them. I've tried everything with these Lady GaGa songs but there's always a problem. "Just Dance" is always separate from the other songs from "The Fame" because it has a featured artist. And I actually managed to get the two songs from "The Fame Monster" together, but then they separated again!

    Sorry for the long message....this problem is just SO annoying, especially since all my other 1500+ songs are so well organized by album! PLEASE someone help!

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