Songbird + iTunes cuts off endings (and other things)

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Retro349, Oct 23, 2009.

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    Alright, so a few days ago, I decided to try out the open-source iTunes clone, Songbird. It's alright, but I have a few problems, mainly compatibility with iTunes. The major problem is that it cuts off the endings of dongs. Yes. All songs. This is just the stop time in the metadata, but it's annoying and I don't want to go through and fix every song, just to possibly have it do it again.
    Ignore this, I've since noticed it was the songs the way they were recorded, not the end time.

    Also, there's problems with the library (sharing with iTunes). I've set it up to mirror iTunes' library and vice versa, and turned off iTunes' nazi-like managing. Still, duplicates and ghosts show up. iTunes will see them, but won't automatically remove them like Songbird (with The Exorcist plugin) will. But, Songbird doesn't see them.

    Lastly, a much tinier bug. MediaFlow (plugin) doesn't see all of the album art, even if iTunes can see it, and I can see it in the metadata.

    Any help is appreciated.

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