Somebody please help me!! Jailbroken 3g ipod touch cookie problem!!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by circadianrhythm07, Dec 3, 2009.

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    3G iPod touch
    Have 3rd gen 32gig Ipod touch for awhile now and jailbroke it yesterday. Work great except for Safari not remembering my cookies. I have rebooted and cleared everything and readded and still does not work.

    EXAMPLE: When I go to facebook through Safari to play mafia wars on facebook it use to work fine. After I jailbroke the ipod though, it constantly says turn your cookies on.

    I searched here but did not find a clear, current, or working answer. I did all that I could to avoid posting a new thread. I will continue to look for answers elsewhere but this is getting annoying.

    I am running 3.1.2 and need a cookie fix. Please tell me what to do. Thanks.

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    Nevermind---facebook mafia wars did a huge update yesterday (when i didn't play) and it seems that ALL that play on the iphone/ipod jailbroken or not are having problems right now. Alright peace out homies and homettes.

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