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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TheConqueror, Jun 20, 2008.

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    OK guys, i recently found out some new things about the iPhone 3G by talking to some phone companies at the mall..

    I talked to a Fido employee and i asked him if its true they were going to supply the iphone. He said yes. A while later i came back and asked him "I head that apple said that you have to sign a 3 year contract with rogers in store when you buy your iphone 3G, do i also have to sign a 3 year contract with you?" He said, "Well actually apple just sells us the iPhones and we decide how long we want the contract to be, if any" .. then he covered up his statement by saying "Well i was on vacation the last couple of days, so i dont know all the newest information, so if you want i can search that up for you bud" , i just told him no thank you, because i see he had other customers and they were getting pretty pissed

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