Some questions about the NEW iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mclaurin10, May 14, 2008.

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    note 4 of these questions are speculation, dont give me the "How should I know what apple will do" line.

    1. I heard the new iPhone is comming out with 3G, what is 3G?

    2. Will apple continue to sell the old iPone to consumers who dont want to shell out an extra 100 bucks?

    4. $700 for a 16GB mp3 player phone, and thats without data plans, contracts and red tape of all sorts, do you think that the is the price going to drop soon?
    5. Is the price going to drop rapidly on the older iPhone?
    6. Is 3G worth it?
    So if you have answers to any of them please post, Im insterested and so is the community?[/
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    1. 3G is the 3rd Generation in Wireless technology that allows for High Speed internet access. It is much MUCH faster than EDGE (Which is 2.5G) More info here:

    2. I highly doubt that Apple will continue to sell the older model iPhone since Apple hasn't been known to sell older models of anything (unless refurbished).

    3. Where'd #3 go?

    4. I don't ever remember the price of the iPhone being $700. Most likely, it will continue with the same price ($499) or maybe even less since the 16 GB Model will be the only model sold (Unless 32GB is coming)

    5. No. It will take very long for the older model's price to drop.

    6. 3G is worth it if you require the internet a lot. Doing business things, chatting, email, etc.
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    1)3g is faster speeds(AT&T has the fastest 3g speeds)
    2) most likely wont since they r already hard to find
    3) haha there is no 3
    4) never been $700 and they r projecting the price to b about $200
    5) at lowest $200 but once again they r hard to find
    6)yes it is better speeds for internet which every1 uses when u have the iPhone UI

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