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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Mkhcb, Mar 6, 2010.

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    Well, I will be updating this post in to add a few more things once I get back from the store.

    However, this is something to munch on.
    Are you an airhead? No not the candy you eat or the one that knows nothing, but the one that can't find their way around town without a hot air balloon. If you are one of those, then today may just be your day. TomTom has officially reduced their iPhone app price!!!

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    To obtain a US map, it will now cost $50 and a US plus Canada map will cost $70. Furthermore, other maps provided by TomTom are also being discounted.

    As it says on the USA iTunes site: "Special Promotional Price: Buy Now with 10$ discount and get free update to new version as soon as its available."

    To buy, click here


    Finally our beloved Meebo has joined the iPhone/iPod Touch ring!!!

    Now in the iTunes app store you can download Meebo All in one IM chat client for FREE!!!

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    As reported on
    "Yahoo and Wikipedia [is] search coming to an iPhone/iPad/iPod"

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    Personally I think its about time. Don't get me wrong, Google on the Safari's search bar is good, but at times I just want to Wiki.

    Hopefully it comes soon enough.


    For you Jailbreak lovers, Cydia should be noticeably faster. As stated by Saurik:
    More to come.

    Sorry for all the quoting and very little text. I am just in a rush. Will update soon.

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