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    I could not install Orblive because installer was crashing before it installed completely. I even tried installing it manually and making it 0755. Nothing would work, it would crash right to the main window. I inquired deeper and found out I was having memory problems (the 300 MB part). I found this out with BossToolI. The Sysinfo tool was reporting memory incorrectly. Since I already had Bosstool installed, I used it to free some memory. I tried to install Orblive and it installed correctly this time. I was not done with my problems tough. When I first tried to connect to my Orb account, it gave me an orb error -1 message. I fixed that problem by making sure everything was setup correctly in my regional setings. I Have a Canadian configuration but was using NewYork city as my time zone. I fixed it by using a Canadian city. I tried to connect but had the same error. I found out I never configured the proper date on my IpoT and this was the last thing preventing me from connecting properly. Now everything is working fine, I can watch live TV anytime I want.

    To sum up:
    1- Make sure you have free memory to install Orblive
    2- Make sure you set up the right Time zome
    3- Make sure you have your date set up correctly.

    I Hope this is usefull for some.

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    P.S. I found out about the Time zone trick on another tread, so thanks to whomever suggested it first. As for the rest, I had to work it out myself.
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