SOLUTION to Itouch and WInPWN 2.5 problems !

Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 2.X Jailbreak' started by six6six, Sep 5, 2008.

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    ok this is how i got rid of the problems that arise while AFTER installing a fresh firmware on my itouch (2.0), i got it jail broken.

    All the problems that arise with memory issues or your Itunes has error codes i got rid of by simple steps

    1. ur ipod cable should be DIRECTLY plugged in to the usb port on ur pc..not through a hub..the hub caused ALOT of problems for me..with itunes and winpwn

    2. the memory issues can be solved if u just restart the program fresh while there is no unplugging or plugging going on with any other port of ur puter..just leave eveyrthing alone while it does its thing.

    3. no custom boot logos..that sh*t doesnt work for me, so i dont do it..that causes problems as well

    4. they say u should stop all services. ie. apple, itunes, etc.. apple mobile device is a service..i disabled everthying and then STOPPED the apple mobile device service while using winpwn..then enabled it when im supposed to open Itunes and update custom firmware..

    5. when installing apps..if it says..application cannot be openeed....BEFORE you put any apps on ur a FREE APP...after that you can follow the regualr guides and install apps...

    hope this helps..if not.i worked for me

    best of luck
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    hopefully this helps but to clear it up it is an iPod touch

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