SMINST and SoftThinks?

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    every so often I get a message that a program cannot display a message on my desktop - I click show me the message and my screen goes kinda bluish-white and I get a message that "ApplicationMFC STServices has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusal way." and then when I hit okay and it returns me to my desktop, my desktop refreshes for a second, my custom theme returns to the normal aero theme, and then a few seconds later it comes back. then about a minute later I get another message that that program was closed unexpectedly. and I get a popup from windows security that a problem was caused by "SoftThinks"

    well I looked at the location given to me in one of the popups (C:\Windows\SMINST\) and I see its fot many files, most of them are from SoftThinks. MFC STServices.exe is in there too, along with some fonts, some unknown file types, text files, installers, and other random things, including "CDCreator.exe" and "Blauncher.exe," with the description "Batch Launcher"

    my question is, what are these things? I have never heard of this company before, but I think these may be one of the "incredible" add-ons installed by HP before they shipped the computer to me (why is there no option to have the computer come with no software on it?!) and theyre certainly not microsoft files, unless softthinks is a part of microsoft.

    also, would it be safe to delete them or have my Avast! antivirus do something with them? or maybe just find out how they're starting automatically and stop that?

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