Smart Surfing for iPhone and iPod touch devices

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    Smart Surfing for iPhone and iPod Touch


    Has anybody tried this/reviews? Could it be better than safari for web surfing?

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    Released: Mar 24, 2009
    Price: Free

    Trend Smart Surfing for iPhone and iPod Touch Trend Smart Surfing for iPhone and iPod touch devices provides a smarter, safer experience when surfing the Web. It is the first secure browser to provide enhanced Web threat protection for these devices. The Web is increasingly being used by cybercriminals to steal personal and financial information. They use legitimate-appearing phishing sites; plant spyware and malware on genuine web pages; and use redirects that lead you to malicious web pages without your action or knowledge. Any device that can access the Internet is at risk. Smart Surfing is powered by the Trend Micro� Smart Protection Network using advanced �in the cloud� Web Reputation technology to protect you from Web pages with malicious intent. If you attempt to access a bad or malicious URL, Smart Surfing is designed to block access to the URL and notification will appear in the browser. Features: - Secured by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network - Blocks access to Web pages with malicious content - Protects against phishing and pharming attacks - Provides color-coded search results to easily identify harmful Web pages - Easy-to-modify protection strength level?? and notifications - Supports browsing multiple Web pages at the same time When you use Trend Smart Surfing to browse the Internet, before the URL is accessed it is quickly and invisibly checked in the background against our constantly updated Web Reputation database. If the url is known to be a phishing site or contains malicious content such as spyware, malware or other potentially harmful content the Web page is blocked with a notification. You can choose to not visit the Web page, or you can override the recommendation and complete access to the Web page. You can easily modify the protection strength to allow only sites with a very good reputation, or to only block sites with a very poor reputation. Smart Surfing supports multiple page browsing so you can open multiple pages and quickly switch between them. It also leverages the power of the accelerometer to support both landscape and portrait browsing.

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    Get it on iTunes: Smart Surfing for iPhone and iPod Touch
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    iPod touch
    wow, nice thread man..

    im gona try it out RIGHT NOW (depending on the price)....

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