Small help from Windows + iTunes 7.7 user

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Greatnesss, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Mar 29, 2008
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    Could some1 with windows and itunes 7.7 do this for me ...pls

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    1. Go to C:\DOCUME~1\username\LOCALS~1\Temp\
    (type ur username for username in this )

    2. there will be some folders ending in .TMP
    3. Open one.
    3. right click on itunes installer package and go to properties.
    4. check the version under the version tab.
    5. If its 7.7 pls pls pls upload it for me.
    6.If its not then check the other itunes the same way.

    Pls could some1 upload this file for me^^^

    I accidently deleted it.

    Thnx in advance and also thnx for taking time to read this...
    ( i neeed this file to install itunes 7.7)

    thnx again...

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