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    Some of you have seen sites like Sony and others that have a video/animation set up to play before entering the actual site
    Well, I got 3 questions?

    1. What are these intros called?
    2. What format do these "intros" have to be in order to play?
    3. How do I apply these "intros"?

    I searched but everything I found was flash related and I don't want to work with flash.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    You need to get an embeded video player. Most are probably custom made by the site that uses them, Tho You can embed youtube videos and other stuff. Making the player itself invisible would be hard tho.

    As far as applying them. You would have to make the intro page your Index.html. Then you need to have a skip/continue link or a timed redirect code. That would then take them to your Home/Main page.

    Also if you are going to store the intro video on the site yourself keep in mind that each time a viewer plays it you will run up your bandwith. Make sure you have unlimited or a very high limit otherwise you will exceed it and loose acces to the site till the end of the month/cycle

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