Sirius XM to Release FREE iPhone Application

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    t has been a little while since we last heard about a Sirius app becoming available for the iPhone and now it seems as if it will be available very soon. In fact, according to an email that is reportedly coming from Sirius — it will be available as of tomorrow June 18, 2009.
    “Thank you for contacting SIRIUS regarding whether or not there is a SIRIUS iPhone application available. We are here to help! We appreciate the time you have taken to contact us in regards to this matter! We are happy to inform you that beginning June 18th a SIRIUS Internet Radio application will be available at the Apple iTunes App-Store for the iPhone and the iPod Touch!”
    Additionally, it was noted that the app itself will be a free download, however it will end up costing users $2.99 a month, which is certainly not as free as Slacker or Pandora, but still low priced enough to be competitive.
    Unfortunately, while it seems that the release date and pricing information are official, we are still unsure of what the app will actually offer in terms of available channels and features. That said, it does not appear as if we are going to have much longer to wait before we find out for ourselves.
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    Epic win!

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