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    Hello everyone! While I was snooping around the net I happened to find an amazing service for sip-voip that is too good to be true, but it is true. The service is called sipgate and it allows you to get a free phone number, and you can call the US and Canada free!

    Best part: You don't need credits. Just plug the info into Siphon, or in my case Fring (I'll get to that) and start calling. Voice quality is excellent, and while there is some lag, it's better than anything else I have ever used.

    Now, for some reason I am unable to access the settings in Siphon. They were right in the settings app before and now *poof!* Fring works, but no speaker phone, and the all around un-phone-like feeling of the app is an annoyance. If someone could help me with this, that would be great!

    Also, does anyone know how to convert a ringtone to a .caf file?

    edit: Ok I got the .caf thing figured out

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    silly me

    Edit 2: For those who also have the issue of not being able to find the settings - You have to disable any theme that makes any kind of visual tweak to settings. Took me 3 hours to figure that out

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