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Discussion in 'iPod touch VoIP and Telephony' started by dkr032, Feb 11, 2008.

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    Jan 2, 2008
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    1) is there a way I can stop that pop up that says ABOUT SIP-VOIp (visit site orde mic ok)
    2) i put a skin change over the original application (keeping the application name the same so it does save the settings) but when the press hang up stays there it wont go back to call.
    3) is there a way I can exapand the range on my wifi (bluetooth??)
    4) How do I get voice mail, my own phone number, etc.)
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    Jan 16, 2008
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    1. idk
    2.have same proble
    3. pretty sure u couldnt
    4. u like ummm..... lol idk

    im no help
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    iPod touch
    1.) Do you really need to stop the pop-up? I think it's fine, I mean we're all VERY lucky that they're even offering this application for free! LIVE WITH A POP-UP, will you? It's how open-source developers make their money.

    2.) What skin are you using? You might want to contact the owner of the skin to report that.

    3.) Bluetooth has nothing to do with 'expanding' wifi. Bluetooth is basically a microphone/headset that plugs into your ear and you don't need hands to control it. You're WAY off on that on

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    . But, back to the topic, it is 'speculated' that some people have made *small* wireless routers, but it has never been proven. Therefore it has left me to speculate that so far there is no way to expand your wifi without modifying your router (but I assume you want to use it away from your house)

    4.) To receive your own incoming call you can sign up with companies like NetZero, IPKall, etc. and create your own number. However, I've tested many different ways with the SIP-Server with these Incoming providers and none of them seem to work - sorry!

    5.) [I know you don't have a number 5] BE PATIENT with touchmods, all of this Sip-VoIP is very betaish and is very new. They'll have many nice updates coming out for the Sip-VoIP application but in the meantime, sit tight.


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