SIP-VoIP 1.2 problem calling out!

Discussion in 'iPod touch VoIP and Telephony' started by gorballfilms, Mar 24, 2008.

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    So i have a problem i have a free call account and i am running 1.1.4 with the new version of sip-voip 1.2 i can only make one out going call to my house , every time i try to call any other phone number the number on my ipod disappears and theres no ring tone. But i can call my home phone no problem every time and i can receive calls with my ipkall number.Also to add i do have credits in my account 20 dollars worth. But other then that noting seems to work. Does anyone no a way to fix this, or has had the same problem and resolved it ? Thanks

    Edit now i can hear a ring tone then the number disappears and the call doesnt go through

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