Simplenote Update is Live!

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    Hi guys! We just wanted to let you know that a huge update to the Simplenote app, just went live today!

    Simplenote, by Cloud Factory, Inc., is essentially a more robust note taking app than the default, and includes effortless and intelligent syncing with your computer. Its super clean, intuitive and fast!

    Simplenote has received high praise from John Gruber of Daring Fireball, who said Simplenote is a “splendid iPhone app” that “might be my favorite App Store app, period. It’s that good.”

    We certainly dig it, and there are a ton of new, highly requested features for you to check out! Take a look at the YouTube video here.

    We're super excited and we'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback!

    iPhone view (list and search):

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    Simplenote's free web App:

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    Original features:

    • Automatically sync with a secure web app
    • Completely wireless syncing
    • Ability to create and edit notes without a net connection
    • Instantly search notes as you type
    • Email your notes
    • Landscape mode

    All new features:

    • Auto sync when the app closes
    • Notes can have web, phone, and email links
    • Notes list has custom sorting options
    • Enabled support for TextExpander touch snippet expansion
    Notational Velocity integrate syncing
    • Fully localized to German, French, Dutch and Spanish
    • New toggle for disabling web syncing
    • All new options screens with functions to:
    - Lock orientation
    - Change number of preview lines
    - Show and modify date in note list
    • In-app emailing
    • Even faster startup time
    • Improved search bar aesthetics
    • Faster searching
    • Remembers your position in auto-opened notes
    • Fully redesigned web app by Mighty Dream

    Our friends at TextExpander are celebrating the update to Simplenote with a 60% discounted price until December 13th!

    Also, if you prefer desktop apps, JustNotes is an increasingly popular desktop app that was built on Simplenote’s API. It is one of several 3rd party apps that are being created around Simplenote.

    Simplenote iTunes Link:
    Simplenote website:
    Cloud Factory website:
    Simplenote Video:
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    Oct 28, 2009
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    iPhone 3GS (Black)
    Also, all the new features in the original post are included for the same great price of $1.99!

    There are new Premium features that frequent Simplenote users are really happy about. They can be purchased right inside the App!

    There's a complete list of premium features here.

    Or, to briefly summarize!

    * Automatic Backup
    * Note Merging
    * Create By Email
    * RSS Feed
    * Unlimited API Usage
    * Insider Access
    * Premium Support

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