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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by helixdpr, Oct 3, 2008.

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    Rather than pore over dozens of posts trying to find what I'm looking for, I will just put this out there in hopes that my simple, basic questions will find some kind soul willing to spare a few moments helping me to understand.

    Jailbreaking. Just WHAT is it, really? Why would I perform this action on my device? I have some ideas about it already. Apple wants to keep a captive audience so that they are the "gatekeeper" for everything that is installed on my iPod Touch. By "jailbreaking," I will have liberated my device from their steely grip so that I can install applications that are either not approved by Apple, or so that the authors of the *renegade* applications may derive the most money for their work without sharing it with Apple. But, is that it?

    One thing I realized almost immediately after obtaining my Touch was that I could not manage files like I could before with my Pocket PC. I find that to be quite limiting. Does jailbreaking provide me with a more direct link to my computer so that I can use, say, Windows Explorer to drag and drop files back and forth directly? At present, I'm using something called "Airsharing" to be able to import and view files on my iPod, but it is quite limiting and really doesn't comprehensively transfer files for use with other applications. They are only available for Airsharing itself to display.

    Is jailbreaking able to "open" the device for exploring and manipulating the file structure as with a normal computing experience? Or is it just a cool thing to do that everyone does? Or is it somewhere in between? Are there untapped device resources that jailbreaking gives me access to?

    I know it's a lot of stupid questions, but I've been all over the Internet and looked all over this site for a simple discussion anywhere that really spells out what it's all about and I haven't found any satisfying source of information. It's as if you're already supposed to know what it is and does. I don't want to either waste a bunch of time learning for myself only to be disappointed or risk damaging my existing setup by messing around pwning up my Touch if it isn't really worth it.

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    The simple answer is that jailbreaking opens up the entire file system and let's you do most all is not all of what you are looking for. It is also very simple and safe now. There are lots of guides available here along with people with lots of experience to help with any issues or questions.
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    WOW. This is a very interesting question!!


    Dano. (I hope that's your name)

    Well you can't drap and drop per se. But what you can do is manually install applications. But see the thing about that is. You need to set permissions and that takes a while and sometimes it can be hard. Permissions is what an app needs in order to work properly.

    What you can do is place something like a Slide To Unlock button instead of having the boring old one.

    I would post some links. But I'll just direct you to mine.

    In My videos just search iPod Touch. And you will be able to see what different things you can do with it.

    You can also Use your iPod as a mouse!

    Amy more questions that you have just feel free to post!

    And Welcome Welcome!

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