Sim network unlock pin?

Discussion in 'Android Chat' started by Sparkyx, May 25, 2010.

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    When i boot up the Android OS, it asks me for

    sim network unlock pin

    then displays no keyboard...oh wait, good, it crashed now i can force close it...uhoh, now it's frozen up on force man...

    Now it's stuck at the lock screen with (No service) displayed across, the time, date, and

    Screen Locked.
    Press Menu to unlock.

    I don't have a menu. I just have a black void at the top of my screen where the taskbar should be...that's not good...I sure as hell messed something up in the installation...any help?


    Okay, I think i know my problem. I'm running baseband 5.11.07 and in the video, Planetbeing is using Ultrasn0w with 4.26.08...If i can find a way to run blacksn0w before it initializes the radio just like planetbeing implemented with ultrasn0w running before that, then i'll be all set.

    Another problem i've run into is the android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. - Force close

    This happens everytime I use the home button to unlock.
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    Not sure how to fix your installation issues. But as for "Press Menu to Unlock," it's telling you to press the "Menu" button that is present on most Android phones. If I'm not mistaken, pressing the Sleep/Lock button should do the trick.

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