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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by RatPackSopra, Dec 22, 2008.

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    Hi guys, I've spent some time reading a good bit over the last few weeks and my hats off to the all the people that take the time to post well thought out and reasonable reviews of all things iPod Touch. I understand that there will always be differences of opinion and that few people see eye to eye on everything, so with that said I'll tell you about my thoughts.

    I bought a RebelTouch from the SwitchEasy website in the last hour and while I'm looking forward to its arrival I am a bit apprehensive about a couple of things. I read a lot of reviews here and it seems that some people have a heck of a time getting air bubbles out from under the outer edges and then some people say it takes some time to get everything to fit just right, but I figure that is to be expected since we are talking about something that is rubberized. The thing that really baffles me is the review that is posted over at hmmm ...a certain "lounge." I assume that you guys can put together which site I'm talking about.

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    The reviewer seemed to be very harsh over tight buttons, but this has been cleared up as a manufacturing defect and the company has agreed to cheerfully swap out any units that may have made it into customers hands, so why have they not revisited the review and fixed what has to be a viewed as a now unfair assessment? I also ran across some scathing comments by people about poor customer service from the SwitchEasy people and I wish I could remember where I saw it, but I’m not sure which site it was on …anyway there are glowing comments sprinkled across youtube videos and several other forums about how well customer service responded to issues. It leaves me scratching my head and I’ll choose to stay with my gut reaction and trust what so many people have stated is a great iPod Touch case.

    Now its time to sit tight and wait for it to show up, I will try to leave my thoughts on the case in question when I can find some time.
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    Well it all depends on you really, when your mind is stuck to one thing you tend to hate every other opposition. The reviews on this site and many others are very good and pursuing. I feel I only watch and read reviews on something because I am excited that I know for a fact im going to buy it.

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