Should I upgrade? (Long, but please read me!)

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    iPad w/ 3G

    Can anyone tell me what kind of processor that exactly is? I can't find out, there are like 4/5 different P4 3.2 GHz.

    See, my computer is old and can't be upgraded to dual core.
    So, I was wondering if I nab this computer, could I put in my PC's ram, vid card, 2 hard drives into the new computer.
    I'd only be paying $100...
    And don't tell me to save up 400$ and buy a computer. Just bare with me, please, and understand Im only 15 and my parents wont let me get a job.
    This will be coming out of christmas money.
    SO, here's the deal exactly.
    My computer has an 8400 GS 512 card, which I could put in the new pc.
    It has 1 1/2 ram, i could put 1 gb into the new pc (as it only has one free slot)
    I could put both / maybe leave my smaller hard drive in old pc (so it would be useable)
    put my DVD Burner in new one, put the dvd reader/cd writed into old
    switch the power supplies

    So in the end it would be :
    New PC : P4 3.2 GHz, 8400 GS geforce 512mb, 1.5 gb ram, 500 watt power supply, cd/dvd writer

    old pc would be:
    AMD Sempron 3000+ (2 ghz), cd writer/dvd reader
    1/2 gb ram, built in gfx chip

    Right now, my PC is : AMD Sempron 3000 + (2 GHz), 8400 GS Geforce 512 mb, 1.5 gb ram, 500 watt psu, and cd/dvd writer.

    Now, there is one main reason to upgrade (besides a slight CPU upgrade):
    My current PCU is NOT upgradable to DUAL CORE

    Will that computer be able to handle a DUAL CORE, at least 2 GHZ.

    Because, I WOULD DO THIS :
    Upgrade core!

    I would have :
    For example... (This processor is about $40, assuming its compatible)
    Celeron DUAL CORE 2.2 GHZ, (huuuuge upgrade over my 2 ghz sempron)
    8400 GS 512 (Can't be upgraded further)
    1.5gb ram (maybe would upgrade to 2 gb later, about 50$)

    So it would in the end be (Again, assuming that these things are compatible)
    $200 for :
    Celeron Dual Core 2.2 ghz
    8400 GS 512 GeForce
    2 gb ram
    Windows XP / 7 / Ubuntu triple boot

    Would you say, forgetting that I'm really upgrading, that it is worth $200 for that?

    Just pretend its a new computer. Would it be worth $200?

    I know that was a f*** load of reading, and 99% of you wont read it all, and probably I wont get many if any replies, but if you have the good heart to read it all and be nice and not tell me to save a million dollars for a bargain gaming PC, i will be ever so grateful....


    Drop some feedback on what you think.
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    Should I upgrade Long but please read me

    Hey Everybody,

    Im thinking of buying a new laptop. I have around £600 to spend on one. Its needs to have alot of hard drive space and it needs a good graphics card.

    What Do you Suggest?

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