Should I sell a new iPod touch 2G and wait for the possible new iPhone?

Discussion in 'Apple Discussions, Rumours and Speculation' started by Bonestack, Apr 14, 2009.

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    iPhone 3GS (Black)
    I just turned my iPod touch in for "dust under the screen" and I'm getting a new one soon. While it's still new and untouched (haha "touched"

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    I would get a lot more money than using it, then when the new iPhone comes (if it comes). If you purchase a new one directly from it costs like 229€, but from sales you can get it for 200€ and I think I could sell mine for something like 180€.

    The question is:
    Should I sell it now, wait for 2 months and then buy the iPhone IF it comes?
    (it would suck so much if there would be a "restricted iPhone" that doesn't do ****, or if there won't be one)
    Use the new iPod with protection (haha condoms) and sell it later for like 130€ if/when the new iPhone comes, but before the new iPod touch would come? (it would suck too if they were announced at the same time)
    Use the iPod with my sucky phone and look when the new iPods and iPhones come and be super sad after that?

    EDIT: And I hope this is the right topic, because it doesn't really fit the others. If it isn't could the mods please move it?
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    Jun 24, 2008
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    well apple is going to give you a refurbished touch so the value will be around 200
    but i would still sell it because apple may/will make a new ipod touch and then the value of your 2g will drop immensely

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